AG30 Creative Response

The Ifö Center Art Center is inviting artists to partake in a thematic, two-month residency with focus on Agenda 2030 goals, especially in connection to sustainability, climate change, and green transition.


Congratulations Edit Szabó and Alexandra Fransson for being selected for the AG30 residency!

Learn more about the artists on their websites:

Residency period:

June 5 - August 15, 2024

Deadline for applications:

April 15, 2024

Notice will be given: April 30, 2024

Application via email to:


The residency supports site-specific work connected with Agenda 2030 in and around the former ceramics factory by Lake Ifö in southern Sweden. The project results will be shown in and/or outside the Ifö Center Arthall. The residency is hosted by the artist run culture house Ifö Center and takes place in the small municipality of Bromölla, Sweden, easily reached from Copenhagen, Denmark, via commuter train. The center has facilities for a variety of artistic practices, such as painting, ceramics, weaving, textile, stone, silver, print, and wood as well as a framing workshop, large project rooms and a vacant lot outdoors (next to the arthall) that can be activated while simultaneously interacting with the local community.

The residency aims to combine the goals of AG30 with our collective resources and the artistic practice of the participants of the residency. We wish to encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration, but it is not a requirement. For example, maybe you are a sculptor but have developed a friendship with an engineer, or writer or machinist that you would like to collaborate with. You can apply as an individual or together with another person or as a small group. Ifö Center will cover travel cost and per diem, provide accommodation, studio space and work space outdoors as well as seminars and a program with local study trips (all is free of charge). The residency is fully funded through the support from Region Skåne.

Please send us your CV, previous work samples and a description of what you would like to work on/accomplish during your time with us. Also include a bit about yourself and if there is something in particular you would like to learn more about, for example ecological farming, solar power or whatever it is that you find most interesting.

  • 1) No poverty.

  • 2) No hunger.

  • 3) Good health and well-being.

  • 4) Quality education.

  • 5) Gender equality.

  • 6) Clean water and sanitation for all.

  • 7) Affordable and clean energy.

  • 8) Decent work and economic growth.

  • 11) Sustainable cities and communities.

  • 12) Responsible consumption and production.

  • 13) Combat climate change and its impacts.

  • 14) To conserve Life Below Water and use marine resources for sustainable development.

  • 15) Life On Land: to protect, restore and promote sustainable use of ecosystems.

  • 16) Peace, justice and strong institutions.

  • 17) Partnerships for the Agenda 2030 goals: governments, the private sector, civil society, the U.N. and other actors must work together to accomplish the goals.

In 2015 the UN adopted Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development with 17 goals. The goals are:

  • 9) Resilient infrastructure, inclusive and sustainable industrialization and more innovation.

  • 10) Reduced inequalities within and among countries.

Background of this open call:

In 2019 the non-profit Ifö Center purchased a former insulator factory via a crowdfunding campaign. Our dream is to turn the former factory into a zero sum estate or perhaps even become energy positive by creating energy. We would like to grow organic food, help re-create eco systems, activate and repurpose abandoned spaces in a sustainable and artistic spirit and be part of the solution rather than the problem.